I & E Technician 5


: $99,210.00 - $128,910.00 /year *

Employment Type

: Full-Time


: Facility Maintenance

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Position Summary

The Instrumentation and Electrical (I&E) Technician inspects, repairs and maintains all site electronic and electrical equipment/systems, ensuring that they are in safe and operational condition. The position verifies compliance with safety and regulatory requirements, and company standards.

Direct Reports


Primary Job Functions


Tests electrical lights and photo electrical controls.

Removes, troubleshoots, repairs, and installs electrical light and photo electrical control components.

Inspects and cleans electrical light and photo electrical control components.

Rewires electrical lights and photo electrical controls.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems:

Cleans, inspects, tests, troubleshoots, repairs, and installs unit area electrical heaters.

Cleans, inspects, tests, troubleshoots, repairs, and installs unit area electrical ventilation fan.

Material Handling Systems:

Activates coal and limestone feeder motor controllers and coal and limestone hammer mill motor controllers.

Cleans and inspects limestone feeder, limestone hammer mill, coal feeder, and coal hammer mill control system components.

Troubleshoots, and repairs/replaces limestone feeder, limestone hammer mill, coal feeder, and coal hammer mill control system components.

Calibrates and certifies limestone and coal feeder control systems.

Tests and adjusts limestone and coal hammer mill control system components.

Verifies boundaries of lockout/tagout.

AC/DC Motors:

Adjusts air gap on AC and DC motors.

Checks and corrects AC and DC motor rotation.

Removes and installs AC and DC motors.

Cleans and inspects AC motors.

Tests AC and DC motors without load.

Determines motor winding resistance in AC and DC motors.

Checks electrical center of AC motors. Tests motors for correct running current per phase. Performs surge and highpot testing on AC motors. Installs grounding devices on AC motors.

Tests heater element in AC motors. Tests, inspects, and replaces heater element and wiring in DC motors.

Replaces overload element in AC and DC motors, and, starting capacitors and Babbitt bearings on AC motors.

Adjusts overload setting on AC motors of 480v or 250hp or less and on 4160v or 250hp. Adjusts overload setting on DC motors.

Lubricates bearings on AC motors. Replace bearings on DC motors.

Troubleshoots, repairs, and replaces AC motor start switches on 4160v or 250hp. Troubleshoots, repairs, and replaces AC motor start switches on motors of 480v or 250hp or less. Troubleshoots starter switches and contactors on DC motors.

Checks phase balance of AC motor.

Repairs/replaces DC motor leads and AC motor leads on 4160v or 250hp.

Cleans, inspects, replaces, and repairs/adjusts brushes on DC motors.

Inspects DC motor terminal block for corrosion.

Cleans and repairs commutator.

Tests DC motor armature winding. Ties internal windings connections on motors.

Repairs DC motor rotor.


Cleans, inspects, tests, troubleshoots, and repairs/replaces torque, level, disconnect switches of 480-V or less, 4160-V disconnect switches, push-button, limit, timer, and manual switches.

Activates all types of switches.

Adjusts torque switch setting and adjusts/sets timer switches.

Electrical System and Equipment:

Cranks in and cranks out 480-V and 4160-V electrical breakers.

Operates 480-V and 4160-V electrical circuit breakers.

Operates and tests 480-V and 4160-V electrical breakers.

Conduit and Cables:

Cleans and inspects PVC, rigid, and flexible and thin wall conduit and cables.

Installs PVC, rigid, and flexible and thin wall conduit.

Removes and installs cable. Selects and installs the proper hardware for mounting conduit cable.

Prepares shrink tube, low voltage (up to 120 volt), and high voltage (above 120 volt) terminations.

Pulls low voltage cable through conduit.

Solders cables and terminals.

Repairs cables. Replaces control and power cables.

Tests dielectric condition of electric cables. Tests cables for grounds.

Installs and removes jumpers.

Prepares and installs stress cones.

Alarm and Annunciator Systems:

Inspects field wiring on alarm and annunciator systems, and repairs field wiring on alarm and annunciator components.

Inspects power supplies for abnormal conditions for field wired annunciators/alarms.

Inspects printed circuit boards.

Tests and troubleshoots field wired annunciator system circuit cards and components.


Cleans and inspects batteries. Cleans/checks battery connections. Checks pilot cell voltage. Measures battery electrolyte levels and connection resistance. Maintains water level in batteries.

Greases battery terminals.

Troubleshoots and replaces batteries.

Jumpers out defective battery cells.

Measures and corrects battery specific gravity.

Performs battery capacity discharge tests.

Cleans, inspects, tests, adjusts, and troubleshoots battery chargers.

Replaces battery charger components and circuit boards.

Operates battery chargers.


Draws samples from oil or gas transformers.

Cleans power transformers and inspects for abnormal conditions. Cleans and inspects insulation on transformers and buses. Cleans transformer components.

Performs routine preventative maintenance on power transformers.

Troubleshoots power transformers. Repairs oil-filled transformers, and replaces power transformers. Removes/replaces transformer bushings.

Repairs buses.

Conducts power transformer step voltage test. Performs ratio, Megger, and polarity testing on power and control transformers. Performs microhm test on leads. Uses high voltage test equipment.

Purges power transformers with nitrogen.

Changes transformer tap setting on power transformer.

Cleans and inspects control transformers.

Troubleshoots control transformers. Replaces/repairs control transformers. Tests and repairs auxiliary circuits and replaces components in transformer auxiliary circuits.


Cleans and inspects MOV actuator limit and torque switches and actuator motors.

Tests, troubleshoots, and adjusts MOV actuator limit and torque switches.

Replaces electric motor operator (MOV).

Lubricates and inspects MOV actuator limit switch assembly compartment.

Replaces and repairs electrical actuators.

Main Generators:

Inspects generator. Cleans and inspects generator windings, exciter, exciter cooling system components, and bushings/bushing box. Cleans exciter components.

Tests dielectric condition of electrical windings.

Meggers insulated bearings, AC, and field exciter.

Tests diodes. Replaces diodes and fuses.

Performs microhm test on leads.

Troubleshoots generator rotating components.

Checks grounding brushes on turbine rotor for eddy currents.

Coupling and Drive Units:

Cleans and inspects variable frequency drive control circuits.

Tests, troubleshoots, and replaces/repairs variable frequency drive control circuits and components.

Electrical Protective Devices and Relays:

Cleans and inspects loss of excitation, control, over-current or over-voltage, and adjustable time delay relays.

Trip tests, troubleshoots, and repairs/replaces loss of excitation, control, over-current, or over-voltage, and adjustable time delay relays.

Elevators, Hoists, and Trolleys:

Cleans and inspects electrical hoist and electrical trolley components.

Tests, troubleshoots, and repairs/replaces electrical hoist and electrical trolley.

Installs electrical hoist and electrical trolley components.

Crane Operation and Maintenance:

Cleans and inspects crane controls and main service motor.

Repairs crane motor, limit switches, electrical controls, and electrical brakes.

Tests and adjusts crane limit switches and electrical brakes.

Operates and tests crane electrical controls and motor.

Switchgear, Motor Control, and Load Center:

Adjusts, replaces, and/or installs circuit breakers on high voltage switchgear.

Installs grounds for high voltage switchgear circuit breakers.

Inspects circuit breaker casing, and molded-case, power, and vacuum circuit breaker for high voltage switchgear. Cleans and services circuit breakers, and performs timing test.

Performs trip test on high voltage switchgear. Adjusts trip settings.

Troubleshoots and repairs high voltage switchgear circuit breakers.

Checks and adjusts hardware on switchgear motor control center and load center. Repairs switchgear motor control center and load center cable components.

Meggers cable insulation and buses on motor control center and switchgear. Performs high voltage checks on cables.

Cleans buses, including bus ducts and insulation as well as the cubical/cabinet of switchgear motor control center. Checks isolation phase bus ducts.

Inspects, insulates, and repairs buses.

Troubleshoots bus in motor control center. Troubleshoots switchgear motor control center and load center cable components.

Pulls a bucket (energized).


Inspects, cleans, tests, and services diesel generator. Tests dielectric condition of diesel generator windings.

Troubleshoots diesel generator and replaces diesel generator brushes.

Cleans, inspects, tests, and repairs diesel generator disconnects and/or breakers.

Cleans, inspects, tests, troubleshoots, and repairs diesel generator voltage regulator.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies:

Removes from service and places in service the UPS.

Cleans and inspects, calibrates and adjusts, tests, troubleshoots, and repairs UPS system.

Transmitters, Sensors, Detectors, and Gauges:

Inspects and cleans, calibrates, troubleshoots, and repairs or replaces pressure gauges and pressure, float level, temperature, and electronic differential pressure switches, flowswitches, vibration monitoring probe, and bimetallic and electronic temperature and electronic differential pressure transmitters.

Inspects, tests, troubleshoots, and replaces RTDs, thermocouples, proximity switches.

Inspects, calibrates, troubleshoots, and repairs/replaces load cells.

Advanced Automatic Control Systems:

Inspects, cleans, and replaces primary and secondary air flow controllers.

Inspects, tests, and replaces flame scanners. Troubleshoots and repairs mechanical components of flame scanners.

Pneumatic and Electronic Controllers With the unit in and out of service:

Inspects, cleans, tunes, calibrates, troubleshoots, repairs, and replaces pneumatic level and pressure controllers.

Inspects and replaces electronic temperature, flow, and level controllers.

Inspects, calibrates, troubleshoots, repairs, and replaces hand indicating controllers.

Valve Actuators and Positioners:

Cleans, inspects, adjusts, troubleshoots, and repairs/replaces pneumatic actuators and positioners.

With the unit in or out of service, cleans, inspects, calibrates, troubleshoots, repairs, and replaces electronic position transmitters.

Inspects, adjusts, services, troubleshoots, and replaces air pressure regulators.

Clean and inspects, tests, services, troubleshoots, repairs, and replaces electric drive units.


Cleans, inspects, services, calibrates, troubleshoots, repairs, and replaces chart drive recorders and data loggers.

Signal Conditioners and Converters:

Inspects, calibrates, troubleshoots, repairs, and replaces alarm modules and I/E or E/I converters.


Cleans and inspects, tests and calibrates, troubleshoots, repairs and replaces flue gas analyzers.

Cleans and inspects, tests and calibrates, troubleshoots, repairs and replaces pH analyzers. Cleans, inspects, and calibrates pH probes, and tests and calibrates pH transmitters.

Tests and calibrates, troubleshoots, and repairs conductivity analyzer. Inspects, cleans, and replaces conductivity cell.

Programmable Logic Controllers:

Monitors PLC relay ladder logic. Troubleshoots, installs/replaces, and programs PLC. Replaces defective components.

Computer Systems:

Replaces plant computer peripherals (monitors, keyboards, printers), cards, disc drives, and power supplies.

Configures DCS and plant software.

Troubleshoots DCS and plant computer hardware and software problems.

General Operations:

Installs, inspects and cleans, tests, troubleshoots, rewires, and repairs electrical protective device.

Troubleshoots electronic and electrical control circuits. Tests electronic equipment.

Follows safety precautions, policies, and procedures for working around voltage.

Uses high voltage test equipment.

Directs/coordinates work on exposed energized components, and verifies correct clearance is maintained.

Cleans control cabinet and cabinet filters.

Uses technical manuals and reference sources to find information regarding operational conditions and maintenance procedures.

Selects, uses, and maintains the proper tools for each job.

Records readings.

Monitors work requests, and participates in pre-job planning; records work results in the CMMS plant work order system.

Participates as an active member in AES Hawaii plant operational and maintenance team.


Uses electrical safety equipment.

Supports the development and implementation of Job Safety Analyses (JSA).

Secures proper work and equipment isolation clearances and JSA as needed to ensure safety.

Participates in safety and job-specific training programs.

Ensures any unsafe conditions are immediately reported; takes immediate action to prevent accidents until the unsafe condition can be fully corrected.

Maintains a clean and safe work area.

Secondary Job Functions

Troubleshoots, repairs, replaces, and rebuilds solenoid.

Lays out, fabricates, bends, installs, and repairs/replaces tubing.

Tightens, installs and repairs/replaces compression tube fittings.

Performs other duties and special projects as requested by management.

Coordinates and works with the Mechanical Maintenance and Operational teams in ensuring plant safety and reliability.

May support and participate in the training and development of other team members.

Qualifications Required


High school education or equivalent is preferred.

Professional Experience:

Able to read and understand technical reference material related to the job.

Experience working in a cogeneration or power plant environment is preferred.

Has a solid understanding of basic electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, diodes, SCR.

A solid understanding of complex electronic components, such as operational amplifier and digital logic gate, is preferred.

Possesses clear verbal communication skills in English.

Licenses, Certifications, Credentials, and Other Requirements:

Prefer strong teamwork skills.

Must pass pre-employment drug tests.

AES is an Equal Opportunity Employer who is committed to building strength and delivering long-term sustainability through diversity and inclusion. Respecting all backgrounds, differences and perspectives enables us to improve the lives of our people, customers, suppliers, contractors, and the communities in which we live and work. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and/or expression, race, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition, military or veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable law. E-Verify Notice: AES will provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) and if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with information from each new employee's I-9 to confirm work authorization.
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